One comment on “Politics and Me…..

  1. Wow… What a fantastic editorial, my friend. No matter where we stand in our political affiliations, one thing is certain: in free countries, where the people have the right to choose their leaders…the leaders are ALL the same.
    They start-out with the very-best of intentions; Hell, most of them get into the arena, for the very same things you said above. But-once they get into the office, the power and corruption is so overwhelming, that they BECOME the very-thing they were trying to topple, to begin with.
    I’m not a conservative, myself, either and, in this country, the conservatives are slowly killing themselves. The worldview they hold, and-wield, is becoming obsolete in this ‘new’ society that is emerging… Sadly, I don’t think I will ever see the day, when-EVERYONE is equal, and no child is sick, homeless and/or hungry…
    I see my 19-yr.-old daughter, though, and I can glean-hope from her tolerance and acceptance of her fellow human-beings, for-WHO they are, not-WHAT they are. I might not be the ‘model’ human-being, myself, but-at least, I can sleep at night, knowing-that ‘my’ ‘Next Generation’-offering, will be a better-one, than I was….
    Rest easy, my friend. We can only-do, what we can do…eh? Maybe we should bring back beheadings… LOL!
    Eric G1

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